My holiday was so fast. It was a semester turn and I just had 10 free days for spent my time with my family and friends so finally I chosed to made a quality time with my high school best friend because during the new year I’ve spent my time with my family. Besides, me and my friends who is studying in different university does not have free time in the same time. Most of them have a holiday sooner while my campus later. Quite difficult for us to met because they had another schedule with their college friends. We just had for like 2-3 free days at the same day, therefore we used that day as well as possible. The good thing was that day coinsided with one of my best friend’s birthday, her name is Naura. That day was February 17th. So me and my friends came to her surprise party held by her boyfriend.

At first we were confused how to go there because we were not in the same place. Me and three others were in Bekasi meanwhile two others were in Cempaka Putih, besides the surprise party be held in South Jakarta. After much consideration we finally decided to went together from Cempaka Putih, so we who were in Bekasi-me, Hanan, Afifah and Novita- went to Cempaka Putih by commuter line. We gathered at Bekasi Station at 8am and waited for like 30 minutes until finally the commuter line moved. We took the Jakarta Kota commuter line and got off at the Jati Negara Station, and from there we booked the grab car. After took more less 40 minutes we finaliy arrived at Cempaka Putih.

Long time no see with those two peoples-Heru and Devan- even though we-me, Devan and Heru- were in Depok. We were busy with our college life and spent many time with so so so many tasks whether it is an individual or a group task. I lecture at Gunadarma University while my two friend at University of Indonesia. Initially me and Heru still often met because we were boarding in the same area which is located in Margonda, but a few months later I moved to Kelapa Dua and since then we’ve rarely met.

While there we spent time with talked about everything, ate some food, played some games, and threwing joke at each other. I really really really miss them, I was happy we can met after a long long time, I can laugh out loud, I really comfortable around them, and in front of them I can be myself. Honestly for me they were the first people I really thought that they were like a really true best friends. We accepted each other for who we are, we were open to each other, we understand each other, and we love each other of course.

Day was getting late, after spending hours we prepared at 2pm. Because the six of us quite complicated in dressed up so we need more time to get ready. Besides that we also must came sooner than Naura so we prepared as fast as we can. After all we finished we leaved at 5pm, we went to Karumba Rooftop. For about more less one hour we arrived at Karumba, there were some of Naura’s friends who also in the same high school with us and we were friend with each other. But unfortunately we forgot to bring her a gift, so we went to the nearest mall for bought some gift. While we bought some gift one of my friend told us that Naura already arrived with her boyfriend, so inevitably we were not there when the surprise started. We back to the party as fast as we can, while we arrived Naura was taking pictures with her collage friends. She was surprised when she saw us because she thought that we could not attend her birthday party. So we hug her one buy one, we gave some wish for her and had some talk.

The party was so fun, her boyfried called a band and we all dissolved in a fun party atmosphere. We sang together with the vocalist and then he asked us to sing some songs so some of us came to the stage to sang the song. We really enjoyed the performance, although our voices are not good enough but if we singing together it would sound pretty well. We does not care about the voice crack, or our voices sounds too low, too high, false or anything. We jus felt the happiness and cheerfulness, at that moment we felt full of love and affection.

For a minutes I just thought that I didn’t even realized that this far we have been making memories, because all I knew we just having fun. They made me smile a little bigger, cry a little less, laugh a little louder and harder, and live a little better. At first we were all srangers and now we were best friends. They all knew my best and ugliest side and that was okay for them. Sometimes we were smart then in another time we felt so dumb, sometimes we were a mess, often we had an arguments, we had a fight and the next time we laughed at the most random things. Weird right? But that was the point of this friendships, we were just as weird, silly, but we accepted each other, we proper to each other, we always respect and support to each other.

After the party finished Naura came to our table, she said that she felt really happy and grateful. A lot off words she told us and made us touched. In short, she said wherever she go, whatever the situation was whether it is sad or happy, we are “home” for her, we are the place for her to go back. And I agree, I felt equally thankful and gratefull to have them, they are my “home”. We are “home” for each other. And I hope that we could be like this for tomorrow, for a long long time and forever.

There are some of my best friends that I did not mention their name above, but I just want them to know that I am just really really grateful to have them. And for all of my best friends, thank you for being my best friend, thanks for accepted for what I am, for being who you are and for helping me be me, for always be here by my side, for making me smile and for smiling along with me, for each day and night, and for always. And the last but not least, I never want to stop making memories with all of them.

Aina Dina Cisara

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